Hello world?

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Costume contest

I said I’d keep up with this journal, then I never posted anything. Bad me. -.-

Although, I have a feeling since the class is over not a soul is reading this right now…. : )

Right well, anyway…
The above art is something I had drawn for DeviantArt, but thought it might be something I could post here as well. *shrugs*

If you don’t get the joke it’s because it’s not funny, I know. Shush. XD

Let’s see… as far as personal updates…
I’m still looking for a job. Or rather, I’m still looking for a place to apply for a job. (I have no idea what I’m suppose to do with my “talents”. Right now I’m keeping my head above water with odd jobs and commissions.
So far my degree has proven worthless. School has failed me, ohnoes!

Speaking of which, just the other day I found out from Elizabeth that this class (VA 306 or whatever it was called) got cancelled because of a lack of interest. Seriously?! It was one of my favorite classes in my entire four years there!
And not just because the majority of the class was getting to play games (although that was definitely a plus), but because it was a creative way to challenge yourself, especially from an art POV. Plus the teacher was really awesome — the kind of teacher that actually wants to help his students. He was helpful to me at least, one of my top three favorite professors there.

Okay this is turning into a mini rant, so I’ll stop there… but seriously, those kids who didn’t sign up have no idea what they’re missing out on…

In other news…

I finally got flash! Yayness! *happy dance*

Only, I totally can’t figure it out. Not so yayness. 😦

If I ever do, and make any games/animations or whatever, I’ll post them here. 🙂

That’s it…

Take care all you internet lurkers out there!



Final games for portfolio, plus pictures :)

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The games I have chosen to present in my portfolio were my Digital game Digital game my realm hopping (with an additional, alternative way of playing it where board pieces are extracted from play after a capture) and the elemental checkers game

Some of my decision was based off what the best feedback I got from my group was (like the Realm Hopping game), and some of it was based off the article I read for the game portfolio…

Anyway, In addition to that, I’m posting all the pictures the professor took from my games that were tested in the semester, and some recent pictures taken by Stephanie. 🙂

Maybe I’ll give you a prize if you can spot the two that look like I’m punching an invisible baby. ^_^

Anyway, I know this class is over now, but I might still keep up with this blog. Especially now that I’ve ordered the adobe suite and if that all goes well, I’ll have flash soon. (Meaning, if I can figure out flash, maybe I can make some games with it. ^_^)

Anyone that wants to keep in touch, my new email is artist_desirae@yahoo.com.
Maybe later I’ll post my screen name, if/when I get one to talk to Kalia 🙂

Take care,

Today I….

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So many posts lately. XD Last one of the day, I promise…

Anyway, Daniel Benmergui makes these really cool games (found here) and his latest one was no disappointment. I was inspired, so while diligently studying for my finals ( *cough*) I worked on this… I guess you’d call it a sort of fan art. 🙂


ludomancy inspired swim

Sorry about the watermark, it’s become procedure of mine so people will stop stealing my stuff. 😦
and ignore the website, it’s not there yet, but I plan to catch up over the summer… hopefully….

Soooo …. If you haven’t checked out his recent game Today I Die you should go play it now. 🙂

Artist Review

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I had to do my body of work presentation in one of my classes recently, and after words I was talking with my professor for this game design class and he gave me some great artists to research. I thought I’d do a write up on a few of them in my blog (hence what this is…..)

Andrew Jones
Click here for his website

Look through his gallery, it’s pretty awesome. ^_^
He’s got an amazing understanding of how to incorporate both organic and geometric shape into his work. He also has some pretty interesting body painting works.

Actually, just the interface of his webpage is… well, freaking awesome.
I’m not really sure how to describe it, but it’s cool. 🙂

Ayami Kojima (OMG Girl? According to Wikipedia! Sweetness 😀 )
I couldn’t really find an official website for her… but this one seemed to have a lot of her works: (I think)

Clicky Here

She’s got a really interesting style, very ascetic and fantasy-like, but at the same time she’s not too afraid to depict some horror-like stuff too. (Man, check out my awesomely bad articulation abilities….)

Frank Frazetta
His website

Got some cool fantasy works. A lot of naked women lol, but not in overtly sexual positions. ^_^ Plus, he has some half naked guys so… meh. 🙂
He has an interesting style that reminds me some of a realistic DC comic book style… (Does that make sense?)

Well anyways, thanks again to my professor! ^_^

Game addiction… D:

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Latest addiction…

I’m not quite sure why, but I’m totally addicted to this wooden path game on free yahoo games.

It’s a puzzle game – kind of like that old game that you tried to get the car out of traffic by moving all the other cars around… At least that’s what it reminds me of.

It’s one of those games where I keep getting frustrated, yet something draws me back to it. Maybe my since of stubbornness?

Anyway, it’s gotten my attention lately. Except now I’m stuck on A-21 of the adventure map D:

Anyway, check it out if you want:
Wooden Path

Hopefully that link will work… if it’s the same coding as D.A (O_O)

All the free yahoo games are such time sucks. (Which is why I love them *hugs*)

Fairy Game

•May 11, 2009 • 4 Comments

By following the instructions on the blog, this should make my game downloadable now 🙂

Scratch Project

Digital game

•April 24, 2009 • 6 Comments

The challenge was to create a digital game for two players with the software of your choosing. I opted for Scratch, since it was made for children. (And I still had problems, what does that say about my intelligence…. -.- )


No, but really it was interesting to learn on a basic level how scripts and such work. It wasn’t that the software was particularly hard to use, I just couldn’t always figure out how to do what I wanted it to do. (But luckily I had an awesomely smart teacher to help. And great support from my Zombie kitty buddies. ^_^)


Anyways, I’m just blathering since I’m tired, so…… How do you upload games? I’ma find out monday so I can put it up on this blog…

In the mean time, the rules of the game are for player one and player two (each with their respective ‘fairy’ sprites’) to chase around this magical black dot thingy that changes their colors and gives them a point. The first person to gain 10 points wins. After deciding this was probably the most shamefully girly game (not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind) I just felt I’d add a touch of…. ungirliness to it. So the loser bursts into  flames.


Monday’s (4/20) testing went pretty well. The original glitches didn’t seem to be present during testing, so the testers were able to play to the finish. Something that I observed from them (and a lot of other people while playing digital games) is the faces people get as they desperately button mash. It’s kind of funny. 🙂 

For Wednesday I had added a little sound to my game (all of the music loops coming from GarageBand). Unfortunately, the game was acting buggy again, but as I said earlier they were worked out…


I guess that’s it for this blog, I’ll post the character pictures below and that’ll be about it. I had originally made the characters in a semi-scratch style, but then it pixelated them in their gif form so it didn’t really matter. 🙂





I dunno why the guy ended up so scantily clothed, it wasn’t intentional. (O_O)